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August 2016 Archives

Workplace discrimination suit filed by former investment banker

Becoming pregnant can be one of the most joyous occasions for women in Massachusetts. Sadly, for some it can also mean the end of an otherwise promising career. Although retaliating against an employee for becoming pregnant is an act of workplace discrimination, some employers continue to treat pregnant workers unfairly.

Warehouse employment disputes draw support from government

Massachusetts workers typically expect that pay negotiations will not extend beyond themselves and their employers, but that is not the case for employees of an out-of-state warehouse. Ongoing employment disputes have drawn wide support for the workers as they seek a new contract with Laminated Industries. If successful, it would be the first time that these particular employees have had the protection and benefits of a contract.

Chipotle ordered to pay for ex-employee's wrongful termination

Chipotle is perhaps most well-known in Massachusetts for its affordable burritos and rice bowls, but the company recently received some less than stellar coverage. A former employee was awarded $550,000 after she was the victim of wrongful termination at one of its many locations. Her discrimination lawsuit did more than yield just compensation, as it also helped influence new laws that protect pregnant women in the workplace.

Lawmakers make strides for Massachusetts' employee rights

Workplace discrimination can sometimes start well before a person is even officially hired. For years, Massachusetts employers have violated employee rights by inquiring about salaries from previous jobs. A new law takes direct aim at this and also outlaws the common practice of banning co-workers from discussing their salaries with one another.

Farmworkers call for boycott after 3 years of employment disputes

Workers in Massachusetts should be able to expect that they will be fairly compensated for their hours worked, but employees across the country routinely must still contend with wage theft. Some farmworkers are still fighting for just treatment in ongoing employment disputes that have spanned multiple years. Recently, marginalized workers called on consumers to refrain from purchasing certain products.

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