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September 2016 Archives

Black workers still face workplace discrimination with wages

Discriminating against a worker based on race is illegal, but that does not stop some employers in Massachusetts from doing it anyway. The national wage gap for black Americans is currently higher than it has been in decades, and analysts say that it is not because of class or education. Instead, it all comes down to race and workplace discrimination.

Kitchen staff claim wage and hour laws violated, seek back pay

The popular out-of-state restaurant Burma Superstar is known to most for its delicious food, but more recent headlines apparently shine a light on some unfavorable business practices. According to kitchen staff, the restaurant's owners have been violating wage and hour laws. A lawsuit filed on behalf of kitchen workers alleges that the restaurant failed to properly pay its employees while also denying them other basic rights, including breaks and overtime pay.

Former Apple engineer experiences age workplace discrimination

Finding a new job can be rough, but it can be even more difficult for people who are older than 50. Age-related workplace discrimination is an ongoing concern that affects not just the atmosphere at the office, but also hiring practices that keep these workers out of it in the first place. While many people in Massachusetts might enjoy their iPhones and other Apple technology, the company has had its fair share of age discrimination complaints.

Criminal record leading to workplace discrimination? We can help.

Barring a few exceptions, employees and applicants with criminal records have the exact same rights as their peers who lack such a record. Sadly, many employers in Massachusetts tend to disregard the law that forbids them from making employment decisions based on workers' criminal records. While some might feel powerless to act, this type of workplace discrimination should not be tolerated.

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