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Former school administrator claims workplace discrimination

Discrimination in any form is wrong, unjust and can have many lasting and negative effects. These negative effects are often magnified when discrimination causes loss of employment. Though workplace discrimination is illegal in the state of Massachusetts, it does not deter some employers from discriminating against employees. Recently, a former school administrator in another state filed a lawsuit against a former employer, citing age and disability discrimination.

The suit filed by the former employee alleges that he was wrongfully terminated from his position as director of operations after he began to suffer from physical disabilities stemming from Parkinson's disease. The plaintiff asserts that along with harassment by his former boss, he was forced to take an early medical retirement and was also demoted to a position that paid $25,000 less. In addition, the plaintiff alleges that he had to provide medical clearance to show that he was capable of performing job duties even though there was no need.

The plaintiff claims that he was fired when he expressed concerns that he was being discriminated against due to his disabilities. Allegations made by the plaintiff convey that even though he had a history of excelling in his roles as an administrator and teacher, he was fired and replaced with someone younger. The plaintiff claims that losing employment because of discrimination has not only affected him financially, but also emotionally.

Massachusetts residents who believe they have been discriminated against are protected by law. No employee should have to suffer through workplace discrimination that violates state or federal laws. Those who believe they have been discriminated against by an employer for race, age, disability or a multitude of other unlawful reasons can significantly benefit from seeking the assistance of an experienced employment law attorney.

Source:, "Concord: ADA lawsuit hits Clayton Valley Charter High School", Joyce Tsai, Oct. 21, 2016

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