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The Employee Rights Group, LLC Wins Multi Million Dollar Settlement in Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

Paying employees their full wages in a timely manner is the responsibility and duty of every employer, yet workers in Massachusetts are continually subjected to unfair payment practices. We understand the significant impact that wage and hour laws violations can have on workers and their families.

These continual violations are why we fight so hard for our clients, recently securing a settlement for over 350 salaried workers in a multi-million dollar suit against a Massachusetts telecommunications company who wrongfully denied them their overtime pay.

Paying workers a salary does not automatically exempt them from overtime

Sometimes the mishandling of wages falls as an isolated incident between an employer and a single employee. Other times, dozens and even hundreds of workers are affected by issues with their wages.

This is especially common among salaried workers -- those who are paid a regular, annual salary rather than an hourly wage -- due to the common misbelief that they have no legal right to overtime pay.

The law defines overtime as any time spent working over the typical 40 hours per week and is usually associated with hourly workers.

The law also controls whether an employee should be classified as "exempt" or "non-exempt" from overtime pay, not the way in which an employer chooses to structure their pay.

Some employees fear retaliation if they report violations of wage and hour laws, and many workers who have not been paid their full wages fail to come forward.

Our firm understands the value of a person's time and the laws that require the rightful payment for time spent working for an employer. It is our insight and dedication to the law that allows us to guide our clients toward achieving the most just outcome possible.

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