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Wrongful termination cited in accusations by medical assistant

Loss of employment can be a very difficult and trying experience. This experience is even more difficult if loss of employment resulted from a wrongful termination. A woman from another state recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer for a myriad of reasons. Those in Massachusetts who face circumstances similar to what this medical worker from another state encountered may have the right to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

This particular wrongful termination lawsuit involves a medical assistant who was recently terminated. The plaintiff alleged that she was the subject of sexual harassment by the patients of the defendant. In addition to this, she stated that her complaints of harassment were left unresolved, resulting in emotional distress.

The plaintiff also alleged that she suffered loss of benefits and unpaid wages. She asserts that the defendant terminated her employment and refused to pay her for many hours of accrued and unused paid time off. The plaintiff is seeking trial by jury, judgment against each defendant for actual damages, reinstatement, attorney fees and court costs in addition to other relief. 

Massachusetts residents who believe they have been unjustifiably fired from a job could strongly benefit from gaining an understanding of their rights. A successful wrongful termination lawsuit could result in monetary damages that offset any loss of income. It could also substantially increase the odds of one regaining his or her employment at a former occupation, if this is a desired outcome. With so much at stake emotionally and financially, acquiring an experienced attorney's services could provide much-needed peace of mind and increase one's odds of getting justice for any wrongdoing.

Source:, "Medical assistant accuses former employers of wrongful termination", Philip Gonzales, Oct. 14, 2016

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