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Breach of contract results in wrongful termination

Employment contracts are put in place to protect both employees and employers. What happens when an employee loses employment because the employer unfairly breaches this contract? This is a classic case of wrongful termination that affects many Massachusetts residents these days. Recently, a man from another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit when he lost employment due to broken agreements set forth in an employment contract.

The plaintiff is a golf professional and was hired as the Director of Golf for a golf club in another state. The plaintiff stated that as part of an employment agreement he would manage and/or own, and operate, a golf simulator. However, the plaintiff alleges that his employer required him to be in charge of, and manage, the complete beverage cart operation, even though this was not part of his duties listed in the employment agreement.

While managing the beverage carts, the plaintiff stated that he noticed that the carts were operating illegally by selling liquor without a state-required license. According to the suit, the plaintiff brought this to the employer's attention but the employer instructed him to keep selling liquor or he would be fired. After the confrontation, the plaintiff stated that the employer changed his work schedule, requiring him to work long hours, seven days a week, and had him cancel a family vacation that had already been planned. He was later terminated..

Wrongful termination can come in many different forms and fashions. Those employees in Massachusetts who have been subject to any of these unjustifiable and unfair acts from an employer have legal options at their discretion. An experienced attorney can help an individual who was unfairly released from his or her job navigate this difficult time while fighting for rightful compensation and/or reinstatement.

Source:, "Man sues Glade Springs Resort for wrongful termination", Kayla Asbury, Oct. 26, 2016

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