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Several wage and hour laws violated in suit filed by employees

In today's fast-paced business world, employers are increasingly looking for more ways to cut expenses while raising profits. Unfortunately, some employers in Massachusetts attempt to cut corners illegally, and by doing so, they place their cross-hairs directly on their hard-working employees. Recently, several former employees in another state filed a lawsuit against their former employer citing violations of state and federal wage and hour laws.

According to allegations, the former employer improperly applied tip credits to avoid paying minimum wage and also altered its workers' time sheets by erasing overtime hours. The plaintiffs allege that they were improperly paid for overtime hours or were not paid overtime at all. Allegations state that several employees' pay stubs and time records almost always indicated that they had worked fewer than 40 hours, even though they regularly reported working overtime. Other allegations accuse the employer of pocketing a portion of workers' tips. 

The accusers have been joined in the suit by 12 former workers and one current employee of the business. Not surprisingly, the employer has denied these allegations, stating that its workers were paid and compensated properly. The lawsuit seeks damages and penalties for employees of the business over the past three years as well as recovery of the alleged unpaid wages.

Violations of wage and hour laws have become extremely prevalent over the last several years. Unfortunately, this trend is unlikely to end anytime soon. Those employees in Massachusetts who have been subject to any of these unfair acts from an employer have the right to take legal action. An experienced attorney can help victims navigate this difficult time while fighting for the rightful compensation that they deserve.

Source:, "Suit claims Keg n Kitchen cheated employees", Jim Walsh, Nov. 16, 2016

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