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Medical software company allegedly violates wage and hour laws

Workers in Massachusetts and across the country deserve to be paid appropriately for the amount of work they do, and the law supports this right However, employers today are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, these cost-cutting measures often affect the pay of hard-working employees. Failing to properly pay employees is a violation of wage and hour laws. An example of this was recently displayed in a lawsuit filed by several employees of a medical software company.

It is alleged that employees were illegally denied overtime pay. According to the lawsuit, employees such as programmers and analysts who do computer work are exempt from overtime pay. However, these were quality assurance workers who were tasked with several overtime hours of low-level computer work. They claim that they were unjustly denied overtime pay. 

The lawsuit includes hundreds of current and former quality assurance workers who were allegedly denied overtime pay. Not long ago, the same medical software company was the subject of a similar lawsuit involving violations of wage and hour laws. In that lawsuit, the employer agreed to a $5.4 million payout.

All workers in the state of Massachusetts are protected by state and federal employment laws. Unfortunately, this does not stop many employers from breaking wage and hour laws. Workers who feel they have been denied rightful compensation or are subjected to unfair acts by their employer have the right to take legal action. An experienced employment law attorney can help victims fight for the rightful compensation that they deserve.

Source:, "Epic Systems sued again for overtime wage issues", Ed Treleven, Dec. 3, 2016

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