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Police chief alleges discrimination led to wrongful termination

Loss of employment can have far-reaching impacts, both for the individual affected and his or her family. When loss of employment occurs as a result of discrimination, the effects can be financially and psychologically devastating. Workers in Massachusetts and across the United States are protected by certain laws. When loss of employment occurs because of discrimination, workers may have the right to take legal action. Recently, a man from another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after losing employment due to alleged racial and age discrimination.

The plaintiff was a police chief who claims he was fired by his city's Mexican-American mayor because he is white. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was told that he was fired for failing to write the appropriate amount of tickets. However, there is no ticket quota in place in his city.

After the plaintiff was terminated, he alleges he was replaced by a younger, Hispanic man. The plaintiff claims that there was no just cause for his firing, and his termination was the result of racial and age discrimination. He is seeking a judgment for monetary damages, including back pay.

Discrimination in the workplace occurs every single day and all across the country. Discrimination in any form can affect a person's livelihood, as well as his or her physical and emotional well-being. Massachusetts residents who believe they suffered unjust loss of employment could greatly benefit from gaining an understanding of their legal rights. A successful wrongful termination lawsuit could result in much needed compensation that can offset any loss of income.

Source:, "Lawsuit: Former Lyford police chief says city fired him because he's white", Dec. 20, 2016

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