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Successful wrongful termination suit results in $545,000 award

According to modern stereotypes, today's employee should embody youth and exuberance. However, in the real world, the workforce is aging. To employers, an aging workforce means more money spent on the healthcare of employees. With business and corporations constantly trying to cut costs, it's no surprise that wrongful termination lawsuits involving age discrimination are on the rise in the state of Massachusetts and all across the country. One such lawsuit recently resulted in a substantial award for a man from another state. 

The man filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer after he claimed he was subject to harassment and eventual termination because he was over 40 years of age. The plaintiff worked for a restaurant as a food and beverage director, managing staffing and ordering, Before his firing, the plaintiff stated that he was called to the restaurant owner's office for a private meeting. In that meeting, the plaintiff claimed that he was subjected to offensive remarks by the owner about his age.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff reported the offensive remarks to human resources. Shortly after this, the plaintiff was fired citing poor work performance, despite previous performance records stating otherwise. After his firing, the plaintiff claimed that he was replaced with a 29-year-old employee. The lawsuit resulted in the jury siding with the plaintiff and an award to the plaintiff of over $545,000 in damages.

Losing a job can be a difficult and trying experience. When loss of employment occurs because of discrimination, the experience can be devastating, both financially and psychologically. Massachusetts residents have laws that protect them from losing employment because of discrimination. Victims of wrongful termination could greatly benefit from seeking the services of an experienced employment law attorney. Damages awarded from a successful lawsuit could provide much-needed financial relief to help victims get back on their feet.

Source:, "Jury Awards $545,000 in Damages in Santa Barbara Restaurant Wrongful-Termination Case Local News", Giana Magnoli, Dec. 20, 2016

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