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Whistleblower laws violated in wrongful termination case

Under federal law, employers must provide a workplace free of health and safety hazards. Employees in the state of Massachusetts and across the United States have a right to speak up about concerns without fear of retaliation. What happens when an employer retaliates against an employee for pointing out security concerns? This is a form of wrongful termination and is exactly what happened to an employee in another state after she spoke up about problems with the account security of customers.

An employee who was recently fired from a well-known securities agency has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, citing violations of whistleblower laws. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff brought to light various security flaws in customer accounts at the agency. In retaliation, the plaintiff was allegedly terminated from her position, and she stated that her employer filed false information with securities regulators to keep her from re-establishing employment within the securities industry.

The employer alleges that the plaintiff's termination was not unlawful and she was discharged for violation of the company's conduct policy. Claims made by the plaintiff state her firing has caused much financial and emotional distress. She seeks punitive and compensatory damages and non-economic losses, as well as counsel fees and costs.

Fortunately, workers in the state of Massachusetts have laws that protect them from retaliation by employers. A successful wrongful termination lawsuit could provide compensation to offset any loss of income as well as reinstatement. Any individual who was unfairly released from his or her job would greatly benefit by seeking the services of an experienced attorney to help him or her navigate this difficult time.

Source:, "Vanguard Whistleblower Sues Mutual Fund Giant for Wrongful Termination, Distress", Susan Antilla, Dec. 5, 2016

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