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Owners of salon allegedly violate several wage and hour laws

Overworked and underpaid is an oft used, sarcastic phrase that can be heard in the exchange of small talk among workers in many Massachusetts offices these days. Although workers innocently use this phrase to impart humor into a monotonous daily work-life, there are actual laws that exist to protect workers from being overworked and underpaid. Failing to properly pay employees is a direct and clear violation of wage and hour laws. Unfortunately, this scenario played out in the lives of several employees of a nail salon in another state.

The employees have filed a lawsuit against their former employer for a myriad of reasons. In what can be best described as a toxic work environment, allegations by the plaintiffs state that they were subjected to long hours without breaks to eat or rest. deprived of minimum wages, and were never paid for overtime hours. One particularly disturbing allegation by a former employee states that she was not even given a day off to visit a hospital for a biopsy.

The nail salon for which they worked expanded rapidly, and the newly remodeled facility gained a substantial new client base in the process. Allegations by the plaintiffs paint a picture of greed, overwhelming pressure and stress as endless workdays became the result of the owners' frantic attempts to gain back money invested in the recent expansion. The plaintiffs claim that not only have they suffered financially, but also psychologically as depression soon became a side-effect of their stressful work environment.

In today's fast-paced, cutthroat world of business, violations of wage and hour laws are becoming more and more prevalent. Workers in the state of Massachusetts that have been subjected to such unfair acts are protected by law and have the right to take legal action. Compensation awarded from a successfully litigated lawsuit can help ease the financial burden that comes with loss of employment.

Source:, "Women sue Orange County nail salon, claiming wage fraud amid long work days", Anh Do, Jan. 2, 2017

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