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Alleged misuse of funds leads to wrongful termination claim

In Massachusetts and other states, laws exist to protect workers from harassment and discrimination. However, there are also laws that protect employees from retaliation in the workplace. What can be done if employment is lost as a result of retaliation? A man from another state faced this exact scenario and has taken legal action by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former boss.

The plaintiff worked as deputy and alleges that he was wrongfully fired after raising questions about the way funds were being used. In this particular county, funds are allocated to the sheriff's department to run the county's animal pound. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff discovered that funds were being misused. Allegedly, the pound custodian had been paid for work that was never performed, and refunds to citizens were improperly accounted for and/or not paid out, among other things.

The plaintiff claims that, after speaking with his superior about the concerns, he was subjected to retaliation. The lawsuit references several examples of the retaliation alleged. The plaintiff claims he was blatantly disrespected by his superior, the locks were also changed to his office and he was eventually fired. The plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

This lawsuit is just one example of how workers can fight back against unjust actions in the workplace. Any Massachusetts resident that feels he or she has been a victim of wrongful termination has the right to take legal action. Damages awarded from a successfully litigated lawsuit could provide a sense of justice as well as much-needed financial relief.

Source:, "Wrongful termination suit going forward against Giles County sheriff", Tonia Moxley, Feb. 1, 2017

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