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March 2017 Archives

Woman files lawsuit after alleged wrongful termination

Workers in the state of Massachusetts and across the country have laws that protect them from retaliation in the workplace. However, this does not stop some employers from using such things as harassment or job termination as a form of retaliation. Full-time employees typically have certain benefits that can provide compensation for injuries suffered while on the job. Workers should not be punished for using these employment benefits, but that is what allegedly happened to a worker from another state. Now, she has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer.

School district allegedly breaks wage and hour laws

Employers in Massachusetts and across the United States are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, and sometimes these cost-cutting measures may unlawfully affect workers. There are wage and hour laws at the federal and state level that protect all workers. Unfortunately, these laws are sometimes broken by employers, and when that happens, legal action can be pursued. Recently, a worker in another state filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer over claims that her employer routinely underpaid their employees.

Former worker awarded $300,000 in workplace discrimination suit

Despite significant advancements in women's rights, gender discrimination is still prevalent in today's business world. Workplace discrimination in any form is not only incredibly immoral and unjust, it is also illegal in the state of Massachusetts. What can be done when a female worker is passed over in favor of a less-qualified, male counterpart? This happened to a female worker in another state and a lawsuit soon followed.

Officer seeks back pay, wage and hour laws allegedly violated

It is only right that employees in Massachusetts and across the country get paid for the work they provide. However, in today's fast-paced economic climate, businesses are continually looking for ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, these cost-cutting measures sometimes affect the livelihood of hard-working employees. Failing to pay workers is a direct violation of wage and hour laws. A worker in another state recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that his employer failed to compensate him for working overtime.

Alleged discrimination cited in wrongful termination case

Losing a job can have far-reaching impacts, both emotionally and financially. When employment is lost because of discrimination, the experience can be especially traumatic and devastating. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, when discrimination leads to loss of employment, the victim can take legal action. Recently, a women in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after alleged discrimination led to her firing.

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