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Alleged discrimination cited in wrongful termination case

Losing a job can have far-reaching impacts, both emotionally and financially. When employment is lost because of discrimination, the experience can be especially traumatic and devastating. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, when discrimination leads to loss of employment, the victim can take legal action. Recently, a women in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after alleged discrimination led to her firing.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff developed a disability which prevented her from working regular hours and was terminated because of the disability. The plaintiff alleges that she developed severe pain in her foot after working a large conference. Allegedly, after seeing a medical doctor, she was sent home to rest and ordered to return to work only under modified work duties

The plaintiff claims that her former place of employment was concerned about these modified duties and contacted her doctor. The employer allegedly pressured her doctor to restore the plaintiff to normal working hours much sooner than recommended. According to the plaintiff, her employment was then terminated without providing any previous warning. The plaintiff seeks compensation for her loss of wages as well as punitive damages and other costs.

Loss of employment due to discrimination can affect a person's physical, emotional and financial well-being. Massachusetts residents who believe they suffered loss of employment for any unjust reason could benefit from seeking the services of an employment law attorney. A successful wrongful termination lawsuit could provide much-needed compensation to offset any loss of income, as well as reinstatement in certain circumstances.

Source:, "Ex-employee files lawsuit against Berkeley Lab for alleged wrongful termination", Azwar Shakeel, Feb. 27, 2017

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