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School district allegedly breaks wage and hour laws

Employers in Massachusetts and across the United States are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, and sometimes these cost-cutting measures may unlawfully affect workers. There are wage and hour laws at the federal and state level that protect all workers. Unfortunately, these laws are sometimes broken by employers, and when that happens, legal action can be pursued. Recently, a worker in another state filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer over claims that her employer routinely underpaid their employees.

The plaintiff is a former employee of a school district in another state. She is accusing district officials of conspiring to get rid of her after she repeatedly pointed out that several employees were not being properly paid. According to the whistleblower lawsuit, the school district intentionally misclassified multiple employees to avoid paying them money they were owed.

The plaintiff claims that after informing her superiors that they were in violation of several laws, she was immediately reprimanded. Allegedly, the plaintiff was later fired for challenging the reprimands. The lawsuit seeks about $11 million in damages.

In the state of Massachusetts and across the country, failing to pay employees for work done is a direct violation of wage and hour laws. Employees that speak out against unfair acts by employers are also protected by law. Workers who have not been paid for their work, or have been the subject of retaliation by an employer can take legal action. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide compensation to help ease the financial burden that comes with lost wages. 

Source:, "$11 million lawsuit says S.C. school district underpaid employees", Meg Kinnard, March 9, 2017

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