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April 2017 Archives

Worker faces retaliation in the form of wrongful termination

In the state of Massachusetts and across the country, employees know that a full-time job is not only about the pay, but also about benefits such as medical leave and health insurance. These things offer protection for workers when they are injured and are forced to take time off work. But what happens when a worker faces retaliatory termination from an employer for seeking medical leave? This is what allegedly happened to a man from another state, and he has taken legal action by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Nike allegedly breaks several wage and hour laws

In today's ever changing business world, companies are looking for more and more ways to cut costs while raising profits. Unfortunately, these cost-cutting measures sometimes directly affect employees. Paying employees for the work they provide is required by law in the state of Massachusetts and across the country. Neglecting to pay workers or denying their rights is a direct violation of wage and hour laws. Employees who have been neglected in such a manner can take action and file a lawsuit.

Medical leave leads to alleged wrongful termination

In the state of Massachusetts and across the country, employees have basic and established rights. Typically, a job is not only about the pay, but also about the benefits that come with employment. Most workers assume that employers understand labor laws and always follow them. All too often many employers, either knowingly or unknowingly, violate established employment laws. Recently, a worker in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after his employer allegedly retaliated against the man for exercising his rights.

African American worker files workplace discrimination suit

Despite advancements made in modern society, discrimination continues to happen at an alarming rate. Discrimination is dehumanizing and can cause a great deal of psychological and emotional trauma in victims. Treating a person differently just because of race, gender or age is wrong and a denial of basic human rights. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still a problem that affects workers not only in Massachusetts, but across the country. A recent lawsuit filed by a worker in another state portrays allegations of disturbing acts of discrimination.

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