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African American worker files workplace discrimination suit

Despite advancements made in modern society, discrimination continues to happen at an alarming rate. Discrimination is dehumanizing and can cause a great deal of psychological and emotional trauma in victims. Treating a person differently just because of race, gender or age is wrong and a denial of basic human rights. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still a problem that affects workers not only in Massachusetts, but across the country. A recent lawsuit filed by a worker in another state portrays allegations of disturbing acts of discrimination.

The lawsuit, filed by a worker employed by Tesla, accuses the company of dismissing the plaintiff's complaints of alleged discrimination. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff, an African-American worker, was subjected to lewd behavior and racial taunts from co-workers for a duration of over a year. The plaintiff claimed to have evidence in the form of a video showing the alleged discrimination.

The plaintiff alleges that he made complaints and brought sufficient evidence to the company's human resources department. However, according to allegations, the discrimination claims were never investigated or properly addressed. Also, several employees accused of harassment were also promoted while the plaintiff was not, the lawsuit claims.

Despite increasing public awareness, discrimination still happens and can affect anyone. The effects of discrimination can be detrimental and permanent.  Massachusetts residents who have been subjected to workplace discrimination could benefit from seeking the services of an experienced employment law attorney. Compensation from a successfully litigated lawsuit could provide victims with much-needed financial security in such trying times.

Source: CBS SF Bay Area, "Tesla Worker Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Company", March 28, 2017

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