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Worker faces retaliation in the form of wrongful termination

In the state of Massachusetts and across the country, employees know that a full-time job is not only about the pay, but also about benefits such as medical leave and health insurance. These things offer protection for workers when they are injured and are forced to take time off work. But what happens when a worker faces retaliatory termination from an employer for seeking medical leave? This is what allegedly happened to a man from another state, and he has taken legal action by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The man worked as a security guard at a coal business. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was injured while on the job at a coal mine. As a result, the lawsuit says the plaintiff filed for workers' compensation. However, the plaintiff claims he was denied workers' compensation benefits.

The plaintiff protested his denial of benefits, and after going through a hearing, his workers' compensation claim was found compensable, the lawsuit claims. Allegedly, the plaintiff was fired soon after the hearing. The plaintiff alleges the defendants failed to provide a safe working environment to avoid injuries, failed to give employees their right to a medical leave and failed to provide legal reason before terminating him.

Loss of employment is very difficult and troubling experience that no one wants to face. Laws exist in Massachusetts and across the country that protect workers from unfair acts in the workplace. Unfortunately, this does not prevent some employers from using things such as harassment or job termination to retaliate against employees. Victims of these unjust acts have a right to take legal action. A successful wrongful termination lawsuit could provide vital compensation to offset any loss of income.

Source:, "Former security guard accuses coal business of wrongful termination", Noddy A. Fernandez, April 26, 2017

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