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May 2017 Archives

Lawsuit against Walmart cites workplace discrimination

It is common knowledge, especially in modern society, that discrimination is morally wrong and can have harmful, lasting impacts on victims. One form of discrimination that does not get talked about much is pregnancy discrimination. In Massachusetts and across the country, expectant mothers may need certain accommodations in the workplace, and in some situations employers can be less than cooperative. Two mothers formerly employed by retail giant Walmart claim that they, along with thousands of other pregnant women, were victims of workplace discrimination. They have filed a class action lawsuit against their former employer.

Planned public office campaign ends in wrongful termination suit

In Massachusetts and other states, employees have basic established rights. There are an abundance of laws that exist to protect workers from things such as harassment, discrimination and retaliation. However, these laws do not stop some employers from harassing workers and treating them unfairly. What can be done if employment is lost as a result of retaliation and/or harassment? A man from another state faced a scenario like this, and he has taken legal action by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former boss.

Wrongful termination suit filed after alleged retaliation

Losing a job is never easy and the financial ramifications can be immediate and far-reaching. However, when employment is lost because of things such as harassment or retaliation, the psychological and emotional impacts can be devastating. Workers in Massachusetts and all across the country are protected by law and have a right to speak up about concerns in the workplace without fear of harassment or retaliation. Recently, a woman in another state says she lost her job as a form alleged retaliation, and she has taken legal action by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Refusal to text and drive leads to wrongful termination lawsuit

The loss of employment can be a very difficult and tumultuous experience. When things such as discrimination or retaliation contribute to job loss, the experience can be especially traumatic. Fortunately, laws exist in the state of Massachusetts and across the country that protect workers from discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. A man in another state recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer over allegations of age discrimination and retaliation.

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