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June 2017 Archives

Employer allegedly breaks wage and hour laws

These days, many workers may feel like they are overworked and underpaid. There are laws in Massachusetts and at the federal level providing that workers must be paid for the work they perform. When full-time employees put in more than 40 hours a week, it is required by law that they get paid overtime. However, some employers choose to incorrectly pay their employees, which is a direct violation of wage and hour laws. A worker in another state recently filed a federal lawsuit over allegations that her employer failed to pay overtime.

Restaurant allegedly violates wage and hour laws

It is only fair that workers in the state of Massachusetts and across the country get paid for the work they provide. Unfortunately, employers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and save money. These cost-cutting measures can sometimes directly affect the salaries of employees. Wage and hour laws exist to protect workers and ensure that employees are properly paid. Recently, a lawsuit was filed in another state after workers were allegedly not paid for routinely working overtime.

Disabled worker faces workplace discrimination

Unfortunately, even in today's world, discrimination in the workplace is a continuing problem that often goes unchecked. Discrimination is wrong and can exist in many forms. In the state of Massachusetts and across the country, workers with disabilities have rights and are protected by law. Tragically, even those with disabilities can face workplace discrimination. Recently, a worker in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly experienced discrimination from her employer for being disabled.

Woman claims sexual discrimination led to wrongful termination

Loss of employment is an experience that can have significant impacts on any person, both psychologically and financially. This experience can be especially traumatic when employment is lost as a result of harassment and/or discrimination. In Massachusetts and other states, there are laws in place to protect workers from harassment and discrimination. A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after alleged harassment and discrimination led to what she claims was a wrongful termination.

Underpaid employees allege wage and hour laws were violated

In the state of Massachusetts and across the country, it is required by law that employers pay employees for the work they provide. Due to today's economic climate, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, these cost-cutting measures sometimes directly affect the salaries of employees. Neglecting to pay workers is a direct violation of wage and hour laws. A recent lawsuit filed in another state is an example of how workers can legally fight back when their rights are violated.

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