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Former deputy alleges workplace discrimination

Discrimination in any form is not only wrong, but can have many profound and traumatic impacts on victims. Unfortunately, discrimination continues to happen in today's society, but it is often illegal when it happens in the workplace. In Massachusetts laws exist to protect employees from workplace discrimination, but it still happens. A worker in another state recently filed a lawsuit after he was allegedly discriminated against because of his skin color.

The plaintiff worked as a deputy in another state. According to the lawsuit, he was one of three African-Americans employed at a Sheriff's office, but the only one with a dark complexion. The plaintiff claims he once told his superiors that he was aspiring to be an FBI agent, but was threatened to be fired if he ever spoke of it again.

Also, the suit claims that when officers received new equipment for their duties, the plaintiff was given faulty or nonfunctioning equipment due to his skin tone. The plaintiff claims he was subjected to an interrogation that eventually led to his firing after his superiors said that could not take criticism and did not fit in. Although white employees were offered the option to resign, the plaintiff alleges that he was never offered this option but was instead fired. These are just a few of several claims of discrimination included in the lawsuit.

Discrimination in any form is wrong and does not belong in the workplace. Any Massachusetts worker who feels that he or she has been a victim of workplace discrimination may be entitled to take legal action. A successful lawsuit could provide a sense of justice as well as compensation to help offset any loss of income.

Source:, "Former deputy sues Raleigh County Sheriff's Department for discrimination", Kyla Asbury, July 13, 2017

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