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Lawmakers make strides for Massachusetts' employee rights

Workplace discrimination can sometimes start well before a person is even officially hired. For years, Massachusetts employers have violated employee rights by inquiring about salaries from previous jobs. A new law takes direct aim at this and also outlaws the common practice of banning co-workers from discussing their salaries with one another.

Trucking company ordered to pay up for workplace discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission helped garner $3 million for women who were adversely affected by a trucking company's discriminatory hiring practices. Although not based in Massachusetts, the workplace discrimination experienced by the approximately 60 women is sadly not uncommon for local workers. Both men and women continue to suffer from discriminatory policies enacted by their employers.

When employee rights have been violated, where can you turn?

Every Massachusetts worker is granted certain entitlements under the law. Unfortunately, employers often intentionally neglect or ignore employee rights, resulting in discrimination, wrongful termination or other unfortunate circumstances. We know how hard it can be to navigate these situations, but we have the experience needed to effectively confront rights violations on your behalf.

Uber settles employee rights violation claim for $100 million

The classification of Uber drivers has made news headlines across the United States, and the company recently settled a class-action lawsuit brought forth in a federal district court in Massachusetts over that very issue. The difference between an employee and an independent contractor is significant, and some Uber drivers claimed that their employee rights were being violated because of how they had been classified. Uber ultimately shelled out $100 million to settle that suit and one other, and two other suits have been filed since then.

Supreme Court agrees with officer concerning employee rights

Whistleblowers and other on-the-job advocates are common victims of workplace retaliation, but few people in Massachusetts might expect to be discriminated against for helping their mother. While perhaps unexpected, that's exactly what an out-of-state police officer claims happened to him. He ultimately took his employee rights violation claim all the way up to the Supreme Court.

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Massachusetts company faces charges for violating employee rights

A flexible packaging and plastic film producer in Massachusetts is facing a harassment lawsuit that was filed by an employee. This is apparently not the first time the company is facing such a lawsuit as another employee took similar steps against it last year. In the latest case, an employee claims her employee rights were violated when the company allowed her supervisor to commit harassment and discrimination.

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