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Age Discrimination Does Occur And Is A Violation Of Massachusetts And Federal Laws

One of the most difficult areas of employment law is age discrimination. The recent economic downturn caused severe economic hardship for many workers over 55 who were laid off as part of the crash. Employers conserved capital by releasing workers at the highest salary levels. For many employees, the jobs they lost were the last they would have.

At the law firm of The Employee Rights Group, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience in representing both employees and employers in age discrimination cases. Our aggressive representation and superior advocacy yield exemplary results for our clients on a regular basis.

Many law firms only represent one side in employment law disputes. We feel that our in-depth understanding of where the other side is coming from enables us to present a stronger argument and achieve our clients’ goals.

Who Is Covered By Federal And State Age Discrimination Laws

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act forbids an employer from discriminating on the basis of age. Massachusetts has even stricter laws protecting older workers. Federal law applies only for employers with 20 or more employees, and only to employees who are 40 or older. Massachusetts law applies to employers with six or more employees.

Age Discrimination Suits Are Not Easy To Prove

Recent cases have made it even harder to win a discrimination suit based on age. It is not easy to prove that termination was not made for nondiscriminatory reasons. The lawyers at The Employee Rights Group, LLC are available to discuss clients’ cases and advise on whether they are strong enough to go forward.

Guidance For Employers

Our firm also represents employers in training and in drafting contracts that protect them against charges and lawsuits. An important tool is a waiver in the employment contract or severance agreement releasing an employer from charges of age discrimination. But this waiver must satisfy state and federal legal requirements to stand up. Employees must get something if they are to give something else up.

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