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Our Attorneys Are Skilled In Handling Disability Discrimination Matters For Employees And Employers

There is a lot at stake for parties on both sides of employment discrimination claims based on a disability. Employees are fighting to protect their basic rights as workers. Employers must protect themselves against possible sanctions and future liability. The quality of the legal representation on either side can often determine the outcome of the dispute.

At the law firm of The Employee Rights Group, LLC, our attorneys have a substantial background resolving all types of discrimination claims on behalf of Massachusetts employees and employers alike. We understand the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, and we know how to present a compelling case in support of our client’s position in the matter.

What Is Disability Discrimination?

Disability discrimination by employers requires two broad conditions:

  1. That the employer be subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act
  2. That the employer treats a qualified individual unfavorably because of the disability

The person discriminated against need not be personally disabled. Employers may not discriminate based on an actual history of disability or on the presumption of a long-term disabling medical problem. They may not discriminate against a nondisabled employee who is in a relationship with a disabled person.

The law requires employers to make “reasonable accommodations” to disabled employees and job applicants. What is reasonable? Whatever accommodations can be made by the employer short of incurring “undue hardship” — substantial difficulty or cost.

We work closely with our clients to gain a complete understanding of the alleged discrimination and the nature of the dispute. Our lawyers conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and pursue every available option in an effort to resolve it in a manner that provides the most benefit to our client.

You can rely on The Employee Rights Group, LLC, to provide the results-oriented representation necessary to secure a favorable outcome in any employment law issue. Contact our Boston office to discuss your disability discrimination case. You can reach us by phone at 774-847-7390 or send us an email to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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