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Our Lawyers Protect The Interests Of Employers And Employees In Massachusetts Racial Discrimination Claims

Massachusetts and federal laws provide specific protections against racial discrimination in the workplace. People of every national origin are entitled to work in an environment where they are treated equally. Employers have a responsibility to implement and enforce policies that prevent racial discrimination in any form.

When accusations of discrimination arise, parties on both sides have rights that need to be protected, and the assistance of a qualified attorney is essential. At the law firm of The Employee Rights Group, LLC, we utilize our extensive experience in employment law to protect the interests of both employees and employers in complex racial discrimination claims.

Racism In The Workplace

Racism exists, but it usually manifests in subtle ways. Managers at a company are all of one race. Employees of color are held to higher standards than white employees — and are punished more harshly. Only certain job applicants are subjected to drug tests. People with certain kinds of hair, skin or countenance are the only ones allowed to work with customers.

Racial discrimination can also present itself in many different ways. Being passed over for a promotion or new job, inequitable pay raises, inconsistent application of company policies and many others can all be forms of discrimination. Clients who choose our firm can feel confident that everything possible will be done in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome.

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