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Did Your Massachusetts Employer Fail To Make Reasonable ADA-Mandated Accommodations For A Disability?

Have you suffered negative consequences in the workplace because an employer did not comply with the ADA in terms of:

  • Facilities
  • Accessibility
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment
  • Interpreters or readers
  • Modification of training
  • Work assignments

Nearly all employers, and most employees, are aware the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights of workers with disabilities. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines and analyzes issues that arise in employment contexts related to the ADA.

A Boston Law Firm Advising On ADA Compliance Issues For Employers And Employees

The Employee Rights Group, LLC assists employees who have complaints to file with the EEOC as well as employers targeted in employee complaints. Our knowledge of both sides of the coin in accommodations for workers with disabilities is beneficial for all our clients engaged in disputes of this type.

For Employers

We can advise employers on steps to take to verify a good-faith effort to accommodate employees’ disabilities. We also represent employers in EEOC hearings and in courtrooms when complaints are lodged or lawsuits are filed.

For Employees

We keep employees with disabilities aware of their rights in the workplace. If you are a worker with a disability and can perform the essential tasks of a job, given proper accommodations, we can advocate for you as you seek those accommodations. We can advise you as to how to protect your rights when making requests for accommodations, lodging complaints or filing civil claims against an employer.

Talk To One Of Our Attorneys About Your Rights Per The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Lawyers at The Employee Rights Group, LLC are available to evaluate your case after a Massachusetts employer failed to provide reasonable accommodations for you. Located in downtown Boston, we can be reached at 774-847-7390 or by email through this website. Our understanding of both sides of ADA claims can become a strength in your case.

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