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Religious Discrimination Is Unacceptable In Massachusetts Workplaces

Overt discrimination against Massachusetts employees on the basis of their ethnicity or religion is relatively rare. Employers are generally well-aware that saying things against your race, national origin or religion is unacceptable.

What Religious Discrimination Looks Like

On the other hand, it is more common for people of faith affiliated with minority religions to experience harassment from co-workers. When an employer allows such harassment to persist even after employees complain, the employer becomes part of the problem. Letting workers go because they have complained of a hostile work environment (including religious harassment) may amount to retaliatory discharge.

Bring your stories to our attorneys’ attention at the Boston law firm of The Employee Rights Group, LLC. We are prepared to evaluate your discrimination case and recommend a path to resolution. If other employees have experienced the same problems at your workplace, you may decide to serve as the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit. You may bring relief to your co-workers while reaping the benefit of the bonus reserved for lead plaintiffs.

Examples Of Religious Discrimination At Work

Contact us to discuss your experiences such as the following at your Massachusetts workplace:

  • You, as a Muslim woman, were asked to remove your hijab even when it posed no safety hazard and it did not interfere with your work activities.
  • You, as a Catholic, asked not to have to handle products associated with birth control or abortion. You were subsequently fired.
  • You, as a Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, were subjected to ridicule and hostility from co-workers. When you complained to a supervisor, you were demoted or moved to a less desirable office location.
  • You, as an atheist or nonreligious person, experienced a hostile work environment after you declined to participate in religious activities outside of work that were popular with other employees.

Whatever the nature of the religious discrimination in your Massachusetts workplace, The Employee Rights Group, LLC can help you plan your next move in pursuit of justice.

Request A Consultation With An Attorney After Being Targeted Through Religion-Based Discrimination On The Job

Describe your wage and hour dispute to our attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston at 774-847-7390, or contact us online to schedule your consultation. Our lawyers are prepared to apply knowledge of both sides of the issue to help you resolve your problem.

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