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Sexual Orientation Discrimination May Be Cause For Legal Action

Are you an employee somewhere along the LGBT spectrum who has experienced discrimination related to employment in Massachusetts? You may have encountered one or more of the following problem areas, allegedly because of your actual or perceived identity as a gay or transgender person:

  • Hiring
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • A hostile work environment
  • Failure to promote
  • Undesirable work assignments
  • Failure to provide reasonable access to appropriately designated bathrooms

While federal antidiscrimination laws such as Title VII do not specify that employees are protected from gay and lesbian workplace discrimination, Massachusetts laws do contain specific protections. Consulting with an employment law attorney is important as a proactive strategy if you anticipate possible sexual orientation discrimination.

Seeking legal counsel is also an essential response if you have already experienced loss through discrimination. You may have a valid case against an employer for illegal retaliatory discharge after you complained about harassment by fellow employees because of your gender identity. Likewise, if you are an employer, you need prompt legal advice as soon as you become aware of a potential complaint, claim or lawsuit involving allegations of discrimination of employees for sexual orientation or gender identity reasons.

The Employee Rights Group, LLC advises and represents both employees and employers in discrimination cases of all types, including cases focusing on sexual orientation. Our knowledge of both sides of the issue can help us help you resolve your employment discrimination problem.

Were You Harassed In The Workplace Because Of Your Gender Identity Or Sexual Orientation?

Employment law attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston are prepared to evaluate your LGBT workplace discrimination case. Call 774-847-7390, or send an email message to request a consultation with a lawyer with no further obligation.

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