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It Is Illegal For Employers To Punish Whistleblowers For Telling The Truth

Employees who report wrongdoing to the outside world may suffer the consequences of their well-meant actions. Whistleblowers are subjected to a variety of negative responses, including termination, demotion, reassignment, isolation, shunning and physical threats. Many whistleblowers are fired and unable to find work in their respective industries. Their reputations are ruined — because they told the truth.

Whistleblower cases are usually complex, requiring legal assistance skilled in the areas of financial accounting and investigation. The Employee Rights Group, LLC, in Boston, accepts whistleblower cases across Massachusetts. Our goal is to take the pressure off the wronged party and focus it on the party or parties that are actually culpable in the wrongdoing.

Whistleblower cases have two sides. Sometimes the whistleblower is at the center of fraudulent dealings, diverting attention from him or herself. For this reason, our lawyers defend both sides in whistleblower cases.

We find that having the perspective of both sides in an employment law issue gives us clarity and a stronger argument. We put our exceptional representation and superior service to work on our clients’ cases in order to achieve a successful resolution to their issues, regardless of which side our clients are on.

Whistleblower Relief Under State And Federal Law

A whistleblower can be anyone working within a company who discovers illegal activity that the company does not want revealed. This includes everyone from top managers to maintenance crew members. The illegal activity can be fraud in governmental dealings, fraud to customers, environmental violations, money laundering or bribery of foreign officials.

Whistleblowers may be entitled to large damages under the False Claims Act, but first they may want to stop the negative retaliation against them. Employers may want to stem the negative tide of public opinion in whistleblower cases.

Our attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge to pursue both sides of a whistleblower claim under either Massachusetts or federal law. Once the whistle is blown, employees and employers alike need top-notch legal representation. Call our lawyers at 774-847-7390, or email us a brief description of the problem.

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