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Several wage and hour laws violated in suit filed by employees

In today's fast-paced business world, employers are increasingly looking for more ways to cut expenses while raising profits. Unfortunately, some employers in Massachusetts attempt to cut corners illegally, and by doing so, they place their cross-hairs directly on their hard-working employees. Recently, several former employees in another state filed a lawsuit against their former employer citing violations of state and federal wage and hour laws.

The Employee Rights Group, LLC Wins Multi Million Dollar Settlement in Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

Paying employees their full wages in a timely manner is the responsibility and duty of every employer, yet workers in Massachusetts are continually subjected to unfair payment practices. We understand the significant impact that wage and hour laws violations can have on workers and their families.

Kitchen staff claim wage and hour laws violated, seek back pay

The popular out-of-state restaurant Burma Superstar is known to most for its delicious food, but more recent headlines apparently shine a light on some unfavorable business practices. According to kitchen staff, the restaurant's owners have been violating wage and hour laws. A lawsuit filed on behalf of kitchen workers alleges that the restaurant failed to properly pay its employees while also denying them other basic rights, including breaks and overtime pay.

Senate cafeteria subcontractor broke wage and hour laws

While legislators rallied and debated for higher pay for workers in Massachusetts and across the country, employees in the U.S. Senate cafeteria were being denied the wages they justly earned. After a year of controversy and investigation, the Labor Department's division overseeing wage and hour laws recently reported that over 670 contract employees in the Senate cafeteria had been misclassified into lower-level jobs with lower pay. Many were required to work before clocking in.

Wage and hour laws violation spawns thousands in restitution

Speaking up about wage injustices is not necessarily easy to do. Many workers fear for their job safety, and when faced with the possibility of being wrongfully discharged for complaining, many are bullied into keeping quiet. A construction company that performed work at the University of Massachusetts recently paid restitution to some of its workers after an investigation found that it had violated wage and hour laws.

Women's U.S. soccer team alleges wage and hour laws violation

Many people in Massachusetts and across of the United States tend to hold to the belief that wage discrimination disappears the farther one climbs up the employment chain. A recent filing by five women on the women's U.S. national soccer team smashes that pervasive myth, highlighting the ongoing issues that employees of all fields and levels can experience. Their lawsuit claims that the United States Soccer Federation is violating wage and hour laws.

Publishing company accused of violating wage and hour laws

Massachusetts workers think nothing of using the restroom while they are work as it only takes a few minutes from their day. In another state, a publishing business reportedly required its employees to clock out when they took trips to the lavatory. The company has been accused in federal court of violating wage and hour laws, particularly the Fair Labor Standard Act. The complaint was filed in 2012 by the Department of Labor.

Class action lawsuit accuses club of violating wage and hour laws

A woman who worked for a jazz club outside of Massachusetts claims that she was underpaid. She believes that the club violated wage and hour laws, and she is hoping that her case will award her the lost wages she believes she is owed. The federal lawsuit she has filed seeks class-action status so that other similarly situated employees will be included.

Dick's could shell out $10M for wage and hour laws violations

Workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere have been fighting back against alleged wage theft conducted by their employers. Several large scale retailers have been faced with violations of wage and hour laws in 2015, including improperly classifying parts of their management teams as exempt. Dick's Sporting Goods is the most recent retailer to face similar allegations by some of its management staff.

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