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State accused of violating wage and hour laws related to overtime

One man working outside Massachusetts believes the overtime hours he has worked have been paid at the wrong rate per hour. He maintains that the state in which he works has violated wage and hour laws, which has resulted in him being shorted quite a large sum of money. His case has been filed as a class action lawsuit, and it has recently been moved to a federal court.

Milwaukee Bucks accused of violating wage and hour laws

Basketball fans in Massachusetts may be familiar with the Milwaukee Bucks. Although the job of being a sports cheerleader may seem appealing, behind the cameras, the job may not be as good as it seems. A woman who was a cheerleader for the team has filed a claim against the National Basketball Association team in a federal court for violations of wage and hour laws.

Firefighters accuse city of violating wage and hour laws

Firefighters in Massachusetts and elsewhere work in a very dangerous line of work, and it takes special people to handle the job. With such risk can also come rewards from all of the long hours that the job can require. According to a group of firefighters in another state, the city has been in violation of wage and hour laws because they believe they are not being properly compensated

VA nurses claim the government violated wage and hour laws

Veterans in Massachusetts and elsewhere depend on VA hospitals to treat them after serving our country. The nurses who work at those hospitals may put in long hours to tend to their patients. Two nurses working for medical centers in another state claim that they were forced to work overtime without pay and placing the federal government in violation of its own wage and hour laws. Thirty-three similarly situated nurses have also joined the lawsuit.

Diner and owner are being accused of violating wage and hour laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, employers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are to pay time and one-half when eligible employees work more than 40 hours per week. It is a violation of state and federal law for employers to not pay their workers properly. A former worker and 10 other restaurant employees in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit in a federal court against their employer who they believe is in violation of wage and hour laws.

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Popeye's workers allege violations to state wage and hour laws

Many Massachusetts readers may be familiar with the Popeye's Chicken franchise. A group of four workers for the restaurant in another state claim that the company violated state and federal wage and hour laws. They claim that they were not paid overtime nor were some of them paid the applicable minimum wage.

Restaurants violate wage and hour laws, forced to pay back pay

Numerous restaurants in a city outside of Massachusetts are being ordered by the government to provide workers with back pay. Over 100 workers will receive back income of more than $145,000 after their employers failed to comply with wage and hour laws. Reportedly, the restaurants have agreed to avoid violating the law moving forward.

Price Chopper accused of wage and hour laws violations

A class of workers who were employed by Price Chopper are alleging that they were not paid correctly. The main plaintiff, who worked at three of the company's Massachusetts locations, maintains that the company did not abide by wage and hour laws and did not pay her overtime. Her lawsuit was granted class action so that other similarly situated workers could participate.

Wage-and-hour disputes: a broad universe of concerns

A work-related story occasionally surfaces chronicling an employee's near ecstasy with his or her employment and job particulars. Sometimes the worker is described as being so happy that receiving a paycheck just happens to be a happy byproduct of a life spent with the perfect employer.

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