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Standing up for victims of workplace discrimination

It is unacceptable for a Massachusetts employee is treated differently on the basis of skin color, sexual orientation or other legally protected factors. There is not room for workplace discrimination in an work environment, yet many people face unfair treatment without seeking help. While it may seem like an overwhelming and hopeless situation, it is possible to make it stop and hold responsible parties accountable.

Women still face institutionalized workplace discrimination

The wage gap between men and women has received considerable attention in Massachusetts and across the country lately, but there are some who claim that women are being unfairly discriminated against for a surprising reason. New information indicates that women often face workplace discrimination for the mere possibility that they could one day become pregnant. This so-called pre-pregnancy penalty might be especially damaging for women in certain career fields.

Chronic stress caused by workplace discrimination

It may come as no surprise to those who have experienced some type of workplace discrimination in the past, but science now confirms what most people already knew -- being discriminated against is stressful. While some people in Massachusetts and indeed across the rest of the United States insist that workplace discrimination is no longer a real concern, the data does not lie. Workers are still being discriminated against, and it is having real and profound effects on their lives.

Pharmaceutical company faces workplace discrimination complaint

In a case outside Massachusetts, a female employee argues that she was not given the same treatment as her male co-worker. She claims that after it was discovered she was in a relationship with a co-worker, she lost her job, but he did not. The woman is accusing her former employer of workplace discrimination based on her gender. She has sued the company in a federal court to try to seek justice.

Man claims his firing was based on workplace discrimination

Some companies in Massachusetts and elsewhere will try to edge out employees by slowly cutting their hours until they are reduced below a living wage. Another tactic some employers use is to make their employees' work lives so miserable that the workers leave on their own. An out-of-state man claims that he was subjected to mistreatment because of his race and filed a workplace discrimination claim in a federal court.

Worker claims he lost his job due to workplace discrimination

In some companies in Massachusetts and elsewhere, older employers are disregarded. These workers no longer become valued and, in some cases, the companies may try to get rid of them to make room for younger replacements. A man who worked for Teradata Corporation in another state alleges that he was fired due to his age. He filed a workplace discrimination claim against the company in federal court.

Text messages allegedly led to a workplace discrimination lawsuit

Many Massachusetts residents use text messaging as a regular form of communication, but can those messages get someone fired if an employee is texting his or her employer? An out-of-state woman claims that she suffered a wrongful termination because of messages that she had sent to her manager over a three-month period. She claims that she faced workplace discrimination because her superior was not held accountable along with her.

3 former Chipotle managers allege workplace discrimination

Popular restaurant chain Chipotle is facing a lawsuit by three former female employees. The women, who worked in locations outside Massachusetts, allege that they lost their jobs due to workplace discrimination. They have filed their federal lawsuit, hoping they will find justice for being mistreated. All three of the plaintiffs were general managers with the same regional and area managers above them. Each claim they dealt with a form of discrimination based on their gender.

Wal-Mart shells out $31M for workplace discrimination lawsuit

A federal court case against Wal-Mart outside Massachusetts has come to a close. A former pharmacist for the retailer alleges that she was fired due to workplace discrimination based on her gender. She further alleges that her firing was also related in part to her being a whistleblower and voicing concerns about prescriptions that were improperly filled.

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