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Man claims he missed a promotion due to workplace discrimination

Many older Massachusetts employees may feel that they need to walk on egg shells for fear of being replaced. When promotions open within a company, the older employees may be discounted and then replaced with younger workers who are less qualified. An employee for an asset management company in another state alleges that he was denied a promotion solely based on his age. He has filed a workplace discrimination claim in a federal court.

Professor says he was passed over due to workplace discrimination

Finding part-time work in Massachusetts and across the United States can be difficult, but finding full-time employment can be far more challenging. Many employees strive for full-time status to make more money and achieve more security for their futures. Individuals who are denied promotions based on workplace discrimination have every right to be angry to and may pursue justice through the civil court system.

UPS accused of workplace discrimination by deaf employee

With the aid of translators and other accommodating devices, disabled employees are able to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. When these reasonable accommodations do not place undue hardship upon a Massachusetts business, the company is required to oblige. A United Parcel Service worker claims that he faced workplace discrimination because he was deaf and was not given the accommodations that he required.

Whole Foods accused of workplace discrimination and harassment

Many Massachusetts readers may be familiar with the Whole Foods grocery store chain as a place to purchase organic groceries. A former employee of the grocer in another state alleges that he was fired for speaking out against the workplace discrimination he was receiving from his co-workers and one of his supervisors. He claims that he was the victim of the harassment because of his national origin.

Finding legal help for workplace discrimination in Massachusetts

Massachusetts workers sometimes find themselves facing unfair treatment at work. Workplace discrimination comes in many forms, and it is an ongoing problem for employees throughout the United States. If you have been forced to endure discrimination in the workplace, you should know that there are options available that will allow you to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Workplace discrimination: Coca-Cola must pay worker $120,000

All employees in Massachusetts have basic rights as workers, one of which is the right not to have to endure discrimination. There are laws to protect workers with disabilities against workplace discrimination, namely, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act. Under these laws, employers must allow reasonable accommodations to any physically challenged workers. Employers may not treat qualified workers unfavorably due to their disabilities.

Woman claims workplace discrimination forced her to resign

Discrimination can be encountered by Massachusetts workers in many forms, some not as blatant as others, but all types are against the law. An out-of-state employee alleges that she was the victim of workplace discrimination based on her race. Her complaint has been filed in a federal court in the hopes that the court can right the wrongs against her.

Subway accused of workplace discrimination by former employee

Many Massachusetts workers are familiar with the sandwich shop chain Subway. One of its former workers from another state claims that he was the victim of workplace discrimination. A lawsuit has since been filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to try to right the wrongs against him.

Denny's accused of workplace discrimination by Muslim ex employee

In a case outside Massachusetts, a former employee for Denny's restaurant alleges he was the victim of discrimination because of his religious beliefs. He claims that the workplace discrimination caused him to lose his job and has brought hardship to his family. The man says that he has been forced to live with his family in a homeless shelter because he was unable to keep up with his bills.

Microsoft faces a workplace discrimination class action lawsuit

Tech mogul Microsoft is a familiar name in Massachusetts households. Nevertheless, some consumers may be surprised to learn that the company has been accused of workplace discrimination. It faces a federal class action lawsuit filed by one of its former employees. Her complaint accused the company of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Washington Law Against Discrimination.

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