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Breach of contract results in wrongful termination

Employment contracts are put in place to protect both employees and employers. What happens when an employee loses employment because the employer unfairly breaches this contract? This is a classic case of wrongful termination that affects many Massachusetts residents these days. Recently, a man from another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit when he lost employment due to broken agreements set forth in an employment contract.

Wrongful termination cited in accusations by medical assistant

Loss of employment can be a very difficult and trying experience. This experience is even more difficult if loss of employment resulted from a wrongful termination. A woman from another state recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer for a myriad of reasons. Those in Massachusetts who face circumstances similar to what this medical worker from another state encountered may have the right to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Chipotle ordered to pay for ex-employee's wrongful termination

Chipotle is perhaps most well-known in Massachusetts for its affordable burritos and rice bowls, but the company recently received some less than stellar coverage. A former employee was awarded $550,000 after she was the victim of wrongful termination at one of its many locations. Her discrimination lawsuit did more than yield just compensation, as it also helped influence new laws that protect pregnant women in the workplace.

Former MMA matchmaker files wrongful termination suit

In Massachusetts and other states, mixed martial arts is better known for the fights in the ring rather than the management behind them. However, a lawsuit is bringing some of that behind-the-scene action to light, and it is not exactly pretty. A former matchmaker for the company Bellator claims that he was the victim of wrongful termination after he complained about unsavory business practices to executives. According to his lawsuit, his termination was in violation of whistleblower laws.

Wrongful termination suit revives old controversy

Fear of retaliation from employers is an effective tactic that some business use in order to suppress workers from reporting indecencies in the workplace. Demotion, the withholding of a promotion and even wrongful termination are all forms of retaliation that whistleblowers in Massachusetts face. Victims of retaliation are not powerless, however, as they can address retaliation-related damages in a lawsuit.

Former employee names Whole Foods in wrongful termination suit

Whole Foods was named in a lawsuit that claims the company wrongfully fired an employee who was concerned about the quality of certain food products. His suit seeks $15 million in damages. Wrongful termination is an understandable fear that prevents some workers in Massachusetts from speaking up about unjust or unsafe practices in the workplace.

Chipotle worker claims wrongful termination was retaliation

Chipotle might have recently made Massachusetts headlines for E. coli outbreaks at some of its locations, but that apparently is not the only unsavory thing going on at the popular chain. One woman claims that she and other females were the target of unwanted sexual attention from managers. She is currently seeking damages in a wrongful termination suit filed against the company.

Woman claims her EEOC complaints led to her wrongful termination

Massachusetts workers who feel that they have been discriminated against are within their legal rights to reach out to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission without fear of retaliation. An out-of-state woman alleges that her former employer made several attempts to get rid of her after filing a complaint. After she was fired, she filed a wrongful termination complaint in federal court against the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs as well as its secretary.

Woman says using FMLA leave resulted in her wrongful termination

Massachusetts employees are already dealing with a difficult situation when a Family and Medical Leave Act leave is requested. The situation can be compounded when employers do not handle the approved leave in accordance with the law. A former hospital employee from another state claims that she suffered a wrongful termination after she took advantage of her benefits under the FMLA. Her claim against the hospital is now in federal court.

Regarding wrongful termination and protected work-related speech

Massachusetts workers who use social networking sites might find themselves facing matters of dispute with their employers. Such an incident recently occurred when employees from a sports bar claimed to have suffered retaliation in the form of wrongful termination for comments they posted on the Internet. The former employees complained to the National Labor Relations Board saying that their work-related speech is protected under the National Labor Relations Act.

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