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Blind barber files wrongful termination lawsuit against employer

The Massachusetts man who became known as "The Blind Barber" alleges that he lost his job because of his disability. He claims that after he lost his job, his family suffered unnecessary hardships. The man filed a wrongful termination claim against Tony's Barber shop to try to right the injustices against him.

Social worker files $725k wrongful termination claim against DCF

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and other named defendants have been accused of unjustly firing one of DCF's social workers. The plaintiff alleges that she was retaliated against because she had reported how some of her peers dealt with child abuse cases. She filed her wrongful termination claim in a state superior court, requesting that it be heard by a jury.

Former officer receives $250k after wrongful termination claim

Questioning the way that things have always been done, especially when it comes to ethical and political issues, may be a fear to which Massachusetts readers can relate. The president of a union that represents police officers in another state claims that he was fired after he began questioning some of the practices of the union. He named two fellow officers, a former police chief and the mayor as defendants in his wrongful termination claim.

Woman files a wrongful termination claim after being fired twice

Massachusetts workers who use intermittent medical leave in accordance with the law may not expect that they could lose their jobs. A woman who worked for a casino in another state alleges that she was fired twice after suffering injuries at work. Since then, she has filed a wrongful termination claim to try to right the wrongs against her.

False arrest leads to wrongful termination claim by Amazon driver

Massachusetts employers that react too quickly to arrests and fire workers automatically can cause unnecessary hardship and financial loss. They may also be in violation of state and federal employment laws. An aggrieved worker may choose to pursue a wrongful termination claim to try to right any wrongs committed.

Woman files wrongful termination claim after reporting harassment

Many workers lose their jobs each year because of unfair labor practices. Employees who report improper behavior and suffer from discrimination are sometimes retaliated against in efforts to keep their complaints quiet. Terminated Massachusetts employees are forced to find other ways to support their families and can suffer financial hardships. Some choose to not accept a wrongful termination and turn to the legal system for justice.

Former Al Jazeera America employee alleges wrongful termination

Most employees in the United States have the expectation that when they go to work they will not face discriminatory conduct. When that type of conduct is encountered workers expect that their complaints about it will be heard and appropriate action to rectify the problem will be taken. Unfortunately that is not always the case and sometimes those individuals are retaliated against by being fired.

Fast food giant accused of discrimination, wrongful firing

Calling it "just the tip of the iceberg," a commentator on a recent lawsuit filed in Virginia against fast-food pioneer McDonald's Corporation predicts that more litigation is forthcoming that will seek to hold corporate chains liable for the wrongdoing of their franchisees.

Broad-based legal protections guard against wrongful termination

Many workers across the country endure unlawful or otherwise unacceptable conduct from business principals at the workplace as they dutifully perform their jobs. In many instances, they might think that putting up with such behavior is an imperative for retaining their jobs. In other words, it is simply the unalterable status quo.

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