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A Hostile Work Environment Destroys Employees’ Morale And Hurts The Company

A hostile work environment is not always bad for every employee, frequently it is directed toward a specific person or group of people. Regardless of where the hostility is focused, it is bad for the company as a whole and can cause problems beyond a lawsuit.

The attorneys of The Employee Rights Group, LLC have seen the damage a hostile workplace can create, from both sides of the issue. Our firm represents employees or employers in Massachusetts in these situations. Our exceptional service and aggressive advocacy serve to bring these conflicts to a successful resolution, regardless of which side we are on.

We offer our services to both sides of employment law concerns because we recognize that our understanding of the opposition’s position gives us an edge in creating an effective strategy for our clients. Furthering our clients’ goals and obtaining exemplary results is what we do, and we do it well.

Definition Of A Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment is more than having a boss who yells a lot. It is more than a colleague behaving in a rude or obnoxious way. Hostile work environment is a legal concept describing a workplace where conditions make it impossible to do one’s work. To be actionable, these negative conditions must satisfy several requirements:

Bosses or co-workers must discriminate against members of a vulnerable group: older people, women, people from a different religion or national origin, disability or race.

The behavior must be ongoing, not a one-time blip.

The actions or behavior must be so substantial that it affects the quality or quantity of the work the affected parties do.

The employer or supervisor must know that the behavior is occurring, but take no action to stop it.

A boss or co-worker who persistently calls workers from a different ethnic group degrading names is creating a hostile work environment. So is an employer who “looks the other way” when sexual harassment is a day-to-day reality in the office.

Intolerable behavior in the workplace must be stopped, for everyone’s sake. Our lawyers can stop it.

If you have been subjected to this kind of negative environment on the job, you have options. Call the employment law litigators at The Employee Rights Group, LLC of Boston at 774-847-7390. Or communicate with our attorneys via email.

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